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16 highly interactive software simulations on Windows 7, packaged into a complete course, ready to go. Free with KP Learner Manager Enterprise Edition. Free to serve to your clients/customers/employees/students alongside your own courseware. Source code also available!

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Introduction to Windows 7

An introduction to the Windows 7 Operating System.

The Windows Desktop

Learn about the Windows desktop in an interactive fashion.

Desktop Themes

Learn how to change and customize the appearance of the Windows desktop.

Windows Explorer and Options

Windows Explorer

Learn about Windows explorer, and some of the new Windows 7 features, like libraries, and much more.


Find out how the new Windows 7 idea of libraries work, interactively.

Using the Recycle Bin

See how you can delete to, and retrieve files from, the Recycle Bin.


Learn how to create favorites to quick access to commonly used folders, libraries, and websites.

The Preview Panel

Learn how to use the Preview Panel to get a quick preview of all sorts of file types.


See how you can search for certain information and files.

Gadgets and Notes


Learn about gadgets, how to add them to the desktop, and how to customize them.

Sticky Notes

Here we look at the Sticky Notes gadget.

The Taskbar

Customizing the Taskbar

Customize the Taskbar to get it to appear and operate the way you want it to.

Pinning Programs to the Taskbar

See how to get quick access to commonly used programs by pinning them to the taskbar.


Assessment 1

Assessment 2

Windows Explorer Assessment